Road Success

Design Your 
Path to Success Game

The first step along the Road Success always start as a dream. As an entrepreneur you may have thought about many great things that you could do to excel your business. Some of your ideas were wins while others were not.

In the classic children’s story Theodore Mouse Goes to Sea by Michaela Muntean, Theodore was so bored with his life that he dreamed of going to sea. He desired to wake up every day in a new and exciting place. 

Road Success

Being a business owner is just like that. Each day brings new and exciting adventures as you inch your way down Road Success.

To be a successful small business owner you must embrace these adventures with diligence, tenacity and a willingness to fail.

If you are not willing to fail you will never push yourself to the limits that only possible failure can achieve.

In the beginning Theodore Mouse visited some beautiful islands, things were progressing well.

He enjoyed those places so much that he even considered cutting his dream short and settling for “good enough”.

He didn't give up on his dream when he encountered unexpected dangers. Nor did he allow his fears and uncertainty to paralyze him. He pressed on, achieved his goal and was elevated to a higher status once he returned home.

Path to Success Game

Difficulties will arise. These moments will either transform your thinking or halt your journey. Like Theodore Mouse with a proper plan you can navigate your way through every possible fail.

You are on a journey on Road Success. But, you can only reach your destination by sailing through the sea of failure. When you learn to expect failure and plan for it, that is an indicator that you are further along the path to success game.

The best part about playing the path to success game is that you make the rules and advance on your own terms.

Not trying is worse

Your Road Success adventures may not require you to literally rough stormy seas. You may not face wild cats and raging thunderstorms but you will encounter some thistles and thorns along the way. 

Most people give-up when the storms of life kick in because will-power alone is usually not enough.

According to The American Society of Training and Development those who:

  • Design a plan to act on an idea have a 40% probability of completion
  • Make a commitment to another person to implement their plan have a 65% probability of completing
  • Have a specific accountability appointment with another person (i.e. a coach) related to implementing the plan have a 95% probability of completing the plan

Success Business Coaching

Success business coaching will help you stay the course to your final destination. You will design a path to success game plan that embrace failures as a learning experience.

Your ultimate goal will be the BIG win for your business. But with success business coaching you will learn to celebrate small wins too. Like Theodore Mouse you must prepare for the known but expect the unknown. 

During your journey to business success you must open yourself to new possibilities? Do you embrace failures and learn from each of them? Do you have someone who can help you when you get stuck and are ready to throw in the towel? Do you have a success quote memorized that you recite when things get hard? 

As an entrepreneur you must launch and reLaunch your offer every day. As you input and process the gathered data you must repeat the process to inch closer to success. A grand opening or business launch is a great way to get the word out about your new business.

What is reLaunching? 

Comedian Chris Rock summarized it well when he said,

“Comedians tend to find a comfort zone and stay there and do lamer versions of themselves for the rest of their career”.

reLaunching is a way of stepping out of your comfort zone, which is where the FUN happens in your game. When you reLaunch you are reinventing your self, learning from your fails and tweaking your offering.

During the ‘L’-Launch stage of the FAIL Enough to Win process we will:

  • Explore companies that reLaunched a brand or product and see how it impacted their bottom line.
  • Discuss the importance of reLaunching something about your approach weekly or even daily
  • Learn simple tweaks that can make all the difference in your business