Path to Success Game
The Entrepreneur Board Game
You Create as You Play

The Path to Success game is a fun way to shift your mindset from the traditional, industrial-aged way of working to a playful way of being.

It is co-designed by you and your coach, and it’s ever changing. One of the mantras that we use in the coaching industry is:

"People hate to be managed but love to be coached."

In any enterprise there are situations where something must be done in a specific way. In these cases you use Management Science to “enforce the policy.”

In MOST situations, however – especially those involving interactions with other humans – there is never one right way that works every time. In these cases you “Coach the Player”.

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The idea of coaching a player in the business arena is an unfamiliar concept to many.

Most workers have been trained to follow the rules and implement the strategies as outlined in the manual.

But we were all born to play, have fun and enjoy life. That’s why we don’t have to teach kids how to play.

When you adopt a coach mindset in your organization or small business you must allow room for trial and error.

Coaching is a collaborative dialog between two or more people.

What is a Coach?

The role of the coach is to be a/an:

  • Sounding Board to listen and help you figure out your next move
  • Expert to give you suggestions and feedback based on experience and intuition
  • Motivator to cheer you on along the way
  • Challenger to push you to try new things and fail more because the coach knows that failure is the quickest way to reach success
  • Celebrator to help you determine what kind of reinforcement works best for you

Some people do well with positive reinforcement, like a small reward for a job well done, while others work best when they are facing a penalty. As your coach, you and I will co-create your Path to Success game to include rewards and/or penalties.

But, please realize, the penalties aren’t for failing but for failing to take the actions that you set out to do. At FAIL Enough to Win we encourage, expect and plan for fails. If positive coach reinforcement is more suitable for your personality we will include that as well.

Entrepreneur Board Game

The Path to Success game will be your own unique entrepreneur board game. You are already playing the game, we all are, and unfortunately most people don’t realize it. By hiring a positive coach and co-creating your entrepreneur board game you are deciding to live life in a way that allows you to have more control, fun and freedom.

While playing your Path to Success game you will learn how to play better, be more consistent and get sustainable results. Most importantly, you will have fun. You will also learn what is a life coach and how to get the most benefit when working with one.

Have fun reaching your goals.

Any endeavor that you are working on can be designed as a game.  A few examples of games from my clients are:

  • Write a SEO optimized article a week and get three shares.
  • Build a reputation of a fair and understanding attorney. Receive a word of mouth referral every month.
  • Be a svelte size 10 while helping 10 women reach their weight loss goal. Have a waiting list of three women waiting to join me once one of the other ladies reaches their goals.

Path to Success Game

You will play your Path to Success game every day in real life. During your work with Coach Tiffany we will:

  • Co-create a compelling, action-oriented, result-focused game
  • Clearly define the rules of your game and figure out what would make the game winnable versus unwinnable
  • Continually evaluate your progress based on results.
  • Celebrate successes and repeat them
  • Challenge failures and learn from them

You will quickly learn to shift your orientation from work to play. You can only work on things you can control. You play with something when, while perhaps you can’t control it, you can greatly influence it through your actions.

Our coaching cycles are 12 weeks*. That’s usually the right amount of time to create, implement, and make great strides in your Path to Success game.