Goal Setting Tips
Why is Goal Setting Important

There are many goal setting tips and strategies that a home business entrepreneur can implement into their day to be more efficient.

One such goal setting tip is the act of setting a goal to go above and beyond in a small thoughtful way for your customers.

In the children’s story,
Have You Filled A Bucket Today, by Carol McCloud that’s exactly what she suggest.

As the story goes everyone carries an invisible bucket everywhere they go. 

Each of these buckets are filled by the kind acts of others or emptied by the negative actions of others.

McCloud believes that your bucket is also replenished when you make the effort to give a compliment, be a listening ear, or volunteer to help someone.

Task Coach

The filling of a bucket concept is a great way to teach kids empathy and kindness, but the concept is bigger than that for me. As an entrepreneur who is also an introvert, I’ve learned that I must find ways to network and market that fit into the parameters of my personality.

The fill your bucket concept got me to thinking how I use this idea in my coaching business.

Here are two ways that I have filled my clients buckets:

  1. Allow an extra 10 minutes when a client is experiencing a breakthrough 
  2. Play the “task coach” by taking notes for my clients who are unable to take notes during our telephone coaching session because they are driving

Why is Goal Setting Important?

Many small business owners think making a sale is the most important activity in business. Yes, selling is an important step in the sales process but the most important step is building trust and shifting cold contacts into warm contacts.

As you grow this warm market not only will you get sales, but you will also build a word-of-mouth community that is promoting you and your product vicariously without you even knowing it.

In what ways can you use the ‘fill a bucket’ idea to leave a lasting impression with your customers and prospects?

Goal Setting Tips

The “A” in the FAIL Enough to Win process stands for Act. In business there are many goal planning and goal setting activities that any entrepreneur can focus on to stay busy.

But busy work does not make a business, profitable Acts do. In this section we will explore goal setting tips using action-based research strategies to set business goals.

The business advice will allow you to fill the buckets of your clients and prospects in ways that are more meaningful, beneficial, and memorable.  The structured goal setting template will ensure that your customers become your biggest supporters.