Overcoming Fear of Failure

Learn What is a Life Coach While Enjoying
Your Personalized Path to Success Game 

Do You Allow Fear of Failure to Stunt Your Growth? 

A goldfish can be the perfect first pet for a child. They are small and require little work. Most people don’t realize that that cute little goldfish you bought at the local market has the potential to grow up to 5 TIMES it’s size or even more. That’s bigger than most grown men feet.

Goldfish are pretty amazing. They can adapt their growth to the size of the bowl they are in. This point is so important that I’m going to say it again - a goldfish can stunt its own growth based on its environment. But its internal organs will continue to grow to full size, crush each other, and the fish will soon die simply because its environment wasn’t updated to accommodate the changes that were occurring.

Just like a gold fish, if you stay in a space without room to grow and allow fear of failure to control you, you’ll be stunted also.

What is a Life Coach? 

Are you unsure what is a life coach? These 4 questions will help you determine whether or not you’re living to your fullest potential and if seeking business advice from a life coach expert would help along the road to success. 

  1. Do you have an action-oriented, result-focused path to success game plan that is designed to be both fun and winnable?
  2. Do you use every failure as an opportunity to learn and grow?
  3. Do you know how to transform every lose into a future success?
  4. Do you have a life coach expert running along side you as you are overcoming fear of failure and that is helping you learn from your failures?

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Overcoming Fear of Failure

Just like the goldfish, when you reach the point where you find yourself saying, “I can’t do this alone.”

It is at this point that you know you are playing BIG.  It is at this point that it’s time to enlarge your territory, grow your team, expand your product line. When your goals and dreams are to big for you to tackle alone business advice a life coach expert or another professional can help you reach your next level of success.

People who play BIG know that they can’t do it by themselves.

What will you learn during the Find step in the F.A.I.L. process?

  • Your bigger purpose
  • Your niche (No! Everybody isn’t your target market.)
  • How to spot hidden fears and play with them powerful technique
  • How to make your journey to success a game not a job
  • What is a life coach?