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This blog is named Be6Figured! because that’s my goal for your business. I need for your business to be financially successful and nation needs that too.

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Get Out Of The Comfort Zone

See how one little boy's falling down while roller skating stopped my fear of failure, pushed me out of my comfort zone and restructured my business model.

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Failure Leads to Success for Small Business Entrepreneur

See a few Free tips that will show you how failure leads to success. Read stories of success and learn how my client, Marium, allowed fear of success to hinder her progress up the corporate ladder.

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African American Lives Not Worth A Mule

Why are black people still fighting for reparations and their acres? Has America waxed cold toward African American lives? I think so!

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8 Things Every Executive Career Coaching Program Should Have

Learn a proven executive career coaching method that you can use to get better results with your team. Make your fear of success /fear of failure work to your benefit as you travel down Road Success.

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Business Advice for the Small Business Entrepreneur

Career coaching services and business advice for entrepreneurs who are allowing fear of failure to limit their business growth. Learn how to design, play and win the path to success game.

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