Successful Business Entrepreneur

The Real Meaning of Success
as You Defined It

Hi, I'm TifNicole, successful business entrepreneur and the Action Taking Mentor.  I've coached 100's of clients and noticed that the ones who really soar are the ones who study their failures and tweak them enough to try again.

My most successful business entrepreneur clients view business and life as an experiment and they are the scientist. 

It's fascinating for me to watch them uncover the real meaning of success. Once the light bulb goes off and they realize that they define AND create their own success, they become unstoppable. 

I love to hear a great success story as much as the next person but even more I love to hear about how a person failed along Road Success.  

You may be wondering Why failure?  Not only have I found that failure leads to success but most people never see their success because they give up “too soon” after “too few” fails.  

Successful Business Entrepreneur 

Most of the time, we only hear about victories. We see the marathon runner crossing the finish line but how many of us consider the false starts and fails it must have taken to get there? What about the shin splints, muscle cramps, ice baths, sprains, etc.? 

Thomas Edison failed over 10,000 times before he succeeded in creating the light bulb.  Michael Jordan missed more than 9,000 shots and lost 300 games. What’s the difference between these two men and you? The only difference is a name. What do you think would happen if you allowed yourself to fail more. Work with a coach that can guide you on Road Success as you become a successful business entrepreneur.   

I offer a complimentary “Defining YOUR Success”
coaching session that is FREE to anyone that asks for it.

The process takes about 20 minutes and I am told -- repeatedly -- that it's a significant turning point in the lives of the folks who take advantage of this free service.

Why Does Defining the Real Meaning
of Success Work? 

This "How Do You Define Success" process works because it provides:

1.  Automatic prioritizing 
You now know what is MOST important to you.  This process automatically lowers the priority of the many “other” things that could or should be important to you.

2.  Excellent filtering
You now have an automatic filtering and screening system that protects you from those distractions that are interesting but sidetracking you from your most important goals and ideas.

3.  Instant meaning
Your search for meaning in life has just been successful.  A benefit of this process is that you can connect the dots between success and meaning.  A vital connection that has been, for many, rather elusive.


I am available to you and to anyone who aspire to be a successful business entrepreneur.  If you who would like to take advantage of this completely free email me to schedule your 20-minute Defining Success session. 

For someone new to the whole idea of coaching, it gives them a real-world way to experience coaching and leaves them with something worthwhile that will expand -- not diminish -- over time.

This Defining Success process is one of many tools and coaching services I offer. See the Coaching Services tab above for a complete overview.